I can’t believe I am 26 today. Just the other day I was being wheeled in KNH theater for an open-heart surgery (I was 8 then)

Fast forward to today… 26…

 I had so much planned for myself to achieve when I was younger. So much time has passed. Some of these things have been achieved. Others haven’t.

Do I regret? No. Am I sad? No. Actually I am very happy.

Along the way I learned lessons. Along the way I came to know that God’s plans are always the best.

 So that has been my mantra.

 I have been through bad and good situations. The bad ones have served as lessons. The good ones give me joy and peace.

Makes me able to face the next day even if things get tough.

 I am surrounded by so much love from my folks! My mama though!! This woman is phenomenal. Gosh! If I had to choose another mom, she will still be the one.

 My siblings!! They rock. They hold me together when all is lost. When I feel sad I just think of them and smile 🙂

 My friends. And I mean true friends. People who will tell me as it is… People who I know I can rely on them and they will never disappoint me. Those are the ones I am talking about. THANK YOU.

 You’ve made my life beautiful. I am blessed because of you. I know you are blessed because of me 🙂

 Thank you for all the million reasons to smile.

 Mumbi… Thank you :-). These birthday shenanigans should continue through out the month :-P.



26 is beautiful. I have learnt so much. I will keep on learning everyday with God by my side. I will travel more. Take more risk . Lean on God.

 He is the author of my life. My sustainer. My friend. My father. My Rock.


Happy 26th Birthday to Me 🙂 🙂


Love 🙂



Unsaid Things…

As I am typing this on this bright Friday the 26th of June I am listening to TI’s Dead and Gone….  Truth is the old me is dead and gone. Each and everyday I discover new things about me.. Each day I push back the old me (especially the negatives) and embrace the new me.. Positivity and all… Hence the old me is dead and gone…  

I feel free, I feel happy I feel great.. 

There are things that I need to  let out though… 

Love makes the world go round. Love brings happiness,. It brings a new lease in life. At the same time love brings PAIN.. So much pain… 

Today’s unsaid things are dedicate to le ex….. I  will summarize them in one picture…

N/B: This is what I felt before.. This is what I felt during that time. I went down on spiral road to self pity and  bitterness….


As I said earlier this was in the past… Fast forward to now.. I feel great,… I feel happy.. I feel at peace…  There are still the small un said things but… yea… I really don’t mind at the moment…  

Actually am glad we went separate ways. Did I want to meet a version of you again? Nope

But hey, we had our good days.. Those are cherished…  We had our bad days.. Ummhh..  I will forgot those. I know there are times you will try to reach out… Go right ahead. The only thing that you should remember is that nothing will be the same…  It will not be the same. I am not the same… 

I have no hard feelings..  The only thing that is the same is I am that happy soul….  The ever smiling lady that you used and still know… 

But then again achieving all this hasn’t been easy… Its God who has made it possible… Today in the morning I stumbled across this verse : 

“‘Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord.

Leviticus 19:18

You are a great person…  Continue being great!!! 


Jewel 🙂



Today I want to appreciate each and every person in my life. ‘Sharing facts in life’ hasn’t been easy bearing in mind the things i have gone through.. I am still going strong though, each day.. Everyday

 The support has  been overwhelming… It has been encouraging.. I feel at peace. I feel happy. I thank God for always holding my hand. I thank God for those whom have been always by my side no matter what…  For those who left, I am grateful too. I appreciate all the situations that have come my way.. They have made me stronger and wiser

My favorite Verse Isaiah 41:10  

Fear not, for I am with you;
Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you,
Yes, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’

has kept me strong too.. 

As we go through this journey called life, we will stumble, we will fall, we will give up, we will cry, a whole lot of things will happen to us… But always remember one thing, “God did not bring you this far to leave you!”

Always remember to be grateful no matter the circumstances..


Jewel 🙂 

First Comes Commitment Then Comes Love


Before I entered my relationship, I had been on journey of intense search and understanding of this thing called relationships. I had read, googled listened to sermons and experts, and observed people in relationships; both dating and married, constantly trying to figure out what makes them work and survive the test of time.

One thing that stood out in my research was friendship is key, and with friendship, commitment to the friendship.

Commit to love


Our society nowadays teaches us that before we commit, we must develop a feeling of attraction or chemistry before we can commit to a person. If there is no feeling or chemistry, then there is no commitment. We need to feel someone’s “vibe before we can agree to date them. My fellow friend and blogger/writer Ernest Wamboye wrote a similar post on the same here, which I absolutely concur with.

Over the last couple…

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Another amazing post from Jarid about Christ – Centered Relationships. Nice read from

4 Ways To Have A Christ-Centered Relationship

And the 4 ways are:


I believe that those who pray together will stay together. And while prayer might be one of those things some view as a private act, I’d encourage you to open up and start praying with whoever you try to deepen your relationship with. Take the opportunity to not only pray for your relationship with each other, but that God himself will guide both of you to personally reflect an example of His love.

“Prayer is not asking. Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God, at His disposition, and listening to His voice in the depth of our hearts.” -Mother Teresa


Whether it be in a local church, food-pantry or homeless shelter, I’d recommend you and your significant other serve…

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Random Things about Me

Sometime last month I was tagged on Instagram on the “20 Truth Tag, 20 Facts about yourself and Tag your 20 favourite account.

I did it!!

Been thinking about it and I decided to replicate the 20 facts about myself here. The only difference is they might be more than 20 and the twentieth will be edited!!.

Enjoy 🙂

1. I am a firm believer in God, Jesus Christ and the second coming

2. I am aSeventh-Day Adventist

3. I am a morning person so by mid day my brain is out

4. My 3 siblings rock my world

5. I am very blunt. People mistake this for rudeness!

6. I hate small lies, big lies, in short I hate lies

7. I laugh a lot *life is too short to be sulking*

8. I have a phobia of men walking behind me at night

9. My lips and my dads are the most identifying factor

10. Music cures my soul.

11. I have been in not so good relationships. I have forgiven those who hurt me even though we do not talk

12.I am a clean freak. I can’t stand a dirty floor, kitchen and dirty utensils on the sink

13. I had an open heart surgery when I was 8 hence the mark on my chest. Some of my friends are amazed at how simply I talk about it *Its by God’s Grace*. 14. I hate and don’t take fresh Milk.

15. Eldoville is my fav brand of yoghurt.

6. I am a sucker for good shoes *read heels* and handbags

17. I cook. And cook very well when pissed *Loooool*

18. I love too much *It hurts at times*

19. I smile always. The world needs it.

20. I rarely hold grudges. If I do, That person must have pissed/hurt me way too much. 

21. My Mum is my best friend. I tell her almost everything… *Apart from some of my relationship problems*

22. I love video Editing. The whole idea of converting raw footage to something sensible still facinates me to date!!

23. I care too much!!! * Most times I end up getting hurt*!!

24. I tend to keep to myself, especially when am mad!

25. I walk away to avoid fights/ confrontations, especially with people that I love and care about

26. My Fav Quote is “Smile. The World Needs it” I got it from Juliani Julius Owino

For more,  find Me 🙂 

Enjoy 🙂 

Love 🙂 

Jewel 🙂

I Miss You

The Girl Named Kizzy

I just wanted to hold you today to feel your heartbeat ,

close  to  mine. 😍

I wanted to feel your lips on mine

I have missed you.images


It’s been a while since I spoke my heart ,

I have beautiful words to tell you,

Words only you and I can understand,

You leave me breathless.


You have given me reasons to smile

You have taken me to places I never imagined.


From the 1st day I Saw you, I have been head over heels for you,

You make me porous

I just want to   lie down with you , to laugh ,

To converse, to play till dawn.


Let’s pretend to catch a movie , and steal a few glances


To say the truth I have missed you and all   I want is to

Travel the path that connects to you best.

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